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Jun 07
Chapter 5.9.5 Discipline - Bringing Weapons into the Workplace

​Bringing weapons into the workplace added as a possible reason for worker discipline.

Jun 04
Chapter 5, 8 and 13 Smoking, Vaping and Cannabis Use Policies

​Substance use policies have been modified to cover vaping, e-cigarettes, cannabis and cannabis-containing products that are physically and mentally impairing.

May 15
Construction Contracts

​Pastors may sign construction contracts up to $30,000.

Apr 08
Section 1.3 Glossary of Definitions

​A new section listing defined terms used in the Administrative Handbook has been added as Section 1.3.

Mar 20
8.10 Animals

​The link was updated to the new page.

Mar 19
Security Guard Service Agreement

​8.5.3 New template for a security guard contract.

Mar 18
New Time Sheets for Non-Exempt Employees & Pay Period Pay Day Guidance

Section 5.6.9 Pay Periods, Time Sheets and Attendance Reports has been updated with new non-exempt time sheets.  A new guidance memorandum explaining the interplay between pay periods and pay dates has also been added.  The guidance includes illustrations of how to determine bi-weekly and bi-monthly payrolls.

Mar 06
Memos to Help Locations Open or Change Bank Accounts

​To assist locations in responding to issues that may arise when changing signatories on bank accounts or opening new accounts, the Office of Financial Services and the Office of Legal Counsel have prepared two memoranda.  The memorandum entitled:  Account Holder Information for Customer Due Diligence Requirements for Financial Institutions may be provided to bank staff for an explanation of the applicable rules.  Locations should refer to the memorandum entitled:  Frequently Asked Questions Regarding New Banking Regulations and Account Requirements for additional guidance.

Mar 06
New Guidelines for Flat or Piece Rates and Independent Contractors

​Section Non-Exempt Employees has been updated with new guidelines for paying flat or piece rates (including mandatory rest and meal breaks) and for correctly determining independent contractor status.

Feb 21
Termination of Benefits Procedures

Section has been updated to reflect the current process for terminating or changing employee benefits.​

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