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Jul 02
2.5.1 Pastoral Council

​The guidelines for pastoral councils that were revised in 2019 are now in the Administrative Handbook in English and Spanish.

Jun 18
10.3 Prohibited Practices for Electronic Communications

​Clarification of the following prohibited practice in electronic communications for archdiocesan activities

Users of all electronic communication systems, devices, or materials covered by the Acceptable Use and Responsibility Policy for Electronic Communications (Archdiocesan AUP)​ shall NOT:

"When conducting business for a Location or the archdiocese, use any email service, file storage/file-sharing services, or other communications and collaboration services that has not been explicitly approved by or is not, either by written agreement or other documented means, under the control of the archdiocese or Location (i.e., do not use personal Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail or social media accounts for official Location or archdiocesan business)"

May 26
Chapter 17 - Record Retention Charts Updated

The Record Retention Charts (by category and record type) have been updated to include the Paycheck Protection Program requirement of 6 year retention of documents after the loan is forgiven or paid in full

Additional changes: 7 years from termination changed to 7 years from end of employment; certain school employee records kept as permanent; and VIRTUS records for volunteers included.​

Apr 24 Employee Classification - Minimum Wage Chart

​Chapter now has a chart showing the minimum wages that apply to locations in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.  It has been updated to include information about additional sick leave required by Los Angeles and Santa Monica. 

Feb 26 Non-Exempt Employees Meal and Rest Breaks

To clarify the policies on meal and rest breaks for non-exempt employees, details about the timing of the breaks and voluntary waiver rules have been added.​

Feb 24
6.3.4 Copier leases

​New review process and signing authority for copier leases

Jan 09 Transportation

​Section Transportation has been updated to reflect the new authorized price for a priest's vehicle.

Nov 14
Section Fundraising Online

​Section Fundraising Online has been updated, including the requirement that all contracts with online fundraising companies must be submitted to the Legal Department for review and approval.

Nov 14
Section 5.2.15 - Nursing Mothers

The requirements for lactation rooms provided to nursing mothers have been updated to conform to the changes in the law.  ​​

Aug 14
construction policies

​Updates to 7.4 have been made to reflect new policies and procedures for construction projects, including work flow and signing authority.

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