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Handbook Blog

Aug 14
construction policies

​Updates to 7.4 have been made to reflect new policies and procedures for construction projects, including work flow and signing authority.

Jul 31
Chapter 17 - Document Retention Policy Update

Chapter 17 has been updated to clarify the policy on retaining records relating to government programs.  See 17-4-4.​

Jul 27
Chapter 12.3 - Field Trips and Transportation Policies for International Travel With Minors have been added to Chapter 12.3.1.  This policy applies to World Youth Day.

Jun 07
Chapter 5.9.5 Discipline - Bringing Weapons into the Workplace

​Bringing weapons into the workplace added as a possible reason for worker discipline.

Jun 04
Chapter 5, 8 and 13 Smoking, Vaping and Cannabis Use Policies

​Substance use policies have been modified to cover vaping, e-cigarettes, cannabis and cannabis-containing products that are physically and mentally impairing.

May 15
Construction Contracts

​Pastors may sign construction contracts up to $30,000.

Apr 08
Section 1.3 Glossary of Definitions

​A new section listing defined terms used in the Administrative Handbook has been added as Section 1.3.

Mar 20
8.10 Animals

​The link was updated to the new page.

Mar 19
Security Guard Service Agreement

​8.5.3 New template for a security guard contract.

Mar 18
New Time Sheets for Non-Exempt Employees & Pay Period Pay Day Guidance

Section 5.6.9 Pay Periods, Time Sheets and Attendance Reports has been updated with new non-exempt time sheets.  A new guidance memorandum explaining the interplay between pay periods and pay dates has also been added.  The guidance includes illustrations of how to determine bi-weekly and bi-monthly payrolls.

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