Nov 16
Change to Chapter 13 - Students and Families


13.1.6 - International Students in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles​​ Tuition, Fees, and Budget

The international student tuition should be aligned with the service. Additional tuition should reflect the extra service necessary to address the international student's needs, such as the salary and benefits of the international student coordinator, salary and benefits of the English as a Second Language (ESL) aide or additional teachers, additional paperwork, administrative work, counseling, ESL classes, etc. The school must take into account these additional expenditures when budgeting and setting the international tuition rate.

International students or families with permanent residency (i.e., Green Cards) are not typically part of the international student program and should be charged the domestic tuition rate.

The school shall not allow an ISEVPO to limit the school's ability to increase tuition. However, the school may agree with an ISEVPO to work together to ensure that any increase in tuition does not prohibit the ISEVPO from competitively marketing the school to the international community.

Notwithstanding a contractual agreement with an ISEVPO to maintain the confidentiality of ISEVPO fee structures, schools are always permitted to discuss ISEVPO fees among other archdiocesan schools and as required by law.

The Department of Catholic Schools​ will provide an international student program worksheet to high schools for their annual school site budget packet.

The school shall advise each international student's family and the ISEVPO, if applicable, whether tuition covers such things as ESL classes, books, uniforms, field trips, athletic fees, lab fees, lunches, and yearbooks. This will enable the student's parents/guardians to make financial arrangements with their child to cover any additional costs throughout the student's enrollment and will further assist with informed, transparent marketing of the school to the international community.

The school is not permitted to waive all or part of international students' tuition, or grant them any type of scholarship or financial aid. The full international student tuition must be listed on the I-20 form and the school is bound by federal regulation to collect the specified amount.​​


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