Mar 21
Change to Chapter 5 - Personnel


​​​5.11.16 Orientation and Training​​​​

​​​​​​A formal orientation period should be scheduled for each new staff member on the first day of employment. At the beginning of each school year, the principal is responsible for conducting​ a thorough orientation for ​all new and returning teachers and staff, which includes school policies and practices, safety, legal responsibilities, personnel practices, wa​ge and benefit information, and all pertinent handbooks. See also the Orientation Checklist.

All outgoing principals must complete the Principal’s Transition Inventory and share​ and discuss it with the incoming principal, providing all documentation that is needed to effect a smooth transition in leadership.​

During the orientations, the principal should strive to create team spirit, establish the Catholic school culture, emphasize professional ethics for school staff, stress respect for confidentiality regarding staff and students, instill respect for the reputation of the school, and be prepared to respond to questions.​​


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