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August 20
Chapter 14 - Inclusion

The chapter was reviewed in May 2021 and all forms were updated in August 2021.  Those who may have printed out the forms should discard them and refer only to the current versions.​

July 20
Chapter 8.12.2 Update to COVID-19 Guidance

​This section has been update to reflect the mandatory indoor face covering order from the County of Los Angeles and the cities of Long Beach and Pasadena.

July 13
Chapter 8.12.2 - Update to COVID-19 Guidance

​Chapter 8.12.2 ​has been updated to reflect the latest guidance on COVID-19 issued by the government authorities.  A sample sign-in sheet and a link to a model Cal-OSHA compliant COVID-19 Prevention Program that will assist locations in creating the mandated program are a few of the additions and changes.​

May 13
Section 8.12.2 - Outside User Agreement COVID-19 Vaccine Site

​A new outside user agreement for locations that wish to host a COVID-19 vaccination site is available in Section 8.12.2.

April 21
Section 5.7.7 Credit Unions

​Section 5.7.7 has been updated to include a second credit union, SchoolsFirst to the options available to archdiocesan employees.

April 19
Section 5.8.2 - Sick Leave

This section has been updated with information related to COVID-19 paid sick leave.  Locations must use the forms provided to report the time accurately to ADP.​

April 19
Section 5.7.3 - Continuation of Health Benefits

​The continuation of health benefits guidance has been updated with information about accessing MyEnroll. 

March 31
Section 8.12 Communicable Diseases - COVID-19

The COVID-19 guidelines have been updated and will continue to be updated as new government orders are issued.​​

February 09
2.5.2 Parish Finance Councils - Updated Guidelines

Guidelines for Parish Finance Councils that were promulgated in December 2019 and were going to be discussed at the COVID-19 cancelled Regional Finance meetings in the spring of 2020 have been uploaded.​

January 22
Health and Safety-8-12-1 COVID-19 Guidelines and Reporting

​This section has been updated to reflect new reporting requirements from the State of California for schools

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