Nov 06
Chapter 1 - Updated Canonical Structures Organization Chart

​The organizational chart showing the canonical structure of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles has been updated with the names of new office holders and a description of reporting departments. ​​

Aug 12
5.4 Recruitment and Hiring Overview - wage and payscale information

​Section 5.4, Recruitment and Hiring Overview has been updated to include information about wage and pay scale information notice requirements in job postings and upon employee request.

Jul 26
Chapter 8.12.2 COVID-19 Guidance and Reporting

​New updates redefine clusters as 3 or more linked cases within a 7 day period instead of 14 day period. 

Jun 30
Chapter 5.2.3 Update Reasonable Accommodation requirements

​​5.2.3 Accommodating Disabled Employees, Pregnant Women, and New Birth Mothers - this section on the reasonable accommodation/interactive process for disabled employees has been updated. New federal law provides additional protections to pregnant women and new birthmothers who require workplace accommodations.

Jun 10
Chapter 5 - Minimum Wage Chart for ADLA Update Effective July 1, 2023

​The cities of Los Angeles, Malibu, Pasadena, Santa Monica and West Hollywood and the unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County have raised the minimum wage for hourly, non-exempt workers effective July 1, 2023.  Locations in those areas must adjust their pay schedules accordingly. The updated minimum wage and sick leave chart​ provides guidance.​

May 10
Chapter 5.2.8 Injury on the job

​This section has been updated to reflect the new workers compensation reporting process for the archdiocese, featuring a more rapid response clinical consultation process.  The title has been changed to reflect the change in content.  It is now "Reporting work-related injury or illness."

Apr 12
Section 8.12.2

​The COVID Section of the Handbook has been updated to reflect health department updates

Feb 01
Chapter 5.10.9 - Required Posters -- Updated for 2023

​Correct copies of the state and federal employment posters and notices that apply to the Archdiocese have been added as Resources to this Chapter, including links to those posters and notices that can be used "as is."  Locations may provide copies of these posters and notices to employees as well as posting the laminated versions that they receive from the Legal Department.

Oct 29
Change to Search Function (using Google Search)

​The internal search engine for the handbook is being upgraded. While we perform this task we have changed the search function to refer searches to Google for results. You will note the "Powered by Google Search" label below the search box.

Oct 25
Section 8.12.2 COVID

​This section has been updated to include the new State and Cal OSHA definition of "close contact", which is "breathing the same airspace" if it is an indoor space less than 400,000 cubic feet, or, the "6 foot rule" if the indoor space is greater than 400,000 cubic feet.

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