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January 22
Health and Safety-8-12-1 COVID-19 Guidelines and Reporting

​This section has been updated to reflect new reporting requirements from the State of California for schools

January 06
8-12 Health and Safety-Communicable Disease-COVID-19

Chapter 8-12 Health & Safety - Communicable Diseases has been updated​ to reflect that LA County Public Health Department has rescinded Appendix F and replaced it with Appendix A

December 31
8-12 - Health & Safety - Communicable Diseases

Chapter 8-12 Health & Safety - Communicable Diseases has been updated to include the most recent guidance, definitions and reporting forms pertaining to COVID-19-related situations at locations.  Extremely short deadlines for reporting apply; ​therefore, familiarity with these procedures is essential.​

November 22
1.2.1 and 2.2 Canonical Structure - Organization Chart

​The organization chart depicting the canonical structure of the Archdiocese has been updated. The current office holders and the allocation of certain responsibilities have been added.

November 10
10.7. 10.7.1.and 10.7.2 Contract for Appropriate Internet Use by Minors

​​ 10.7 - Electronic Communications With Minors​ has been updated to include a proposed Contract for Appropriate Internet Use by Minors.  The document reminds minors that they should behave as disciples of Christ when they roam the Internet and provides guidance on appropriate behavior online.​

October 13
16.1.4 Gifts of Stock Form Added

16.1.4 - Gifts of Real Property and Investments​ -- a Stock Transfer and Stock Transfer Notice form has been added as a resource to this section. It helps record donations of corporate shares or stocks.

September 20
5.6.6 Business Expense Reimbursements​​​​

​Additional details have been added to Section 5.6.6 Business Expense Reimbursement policy on necessary approvals and required supporting documentation.

September 16
COVID-19 reporting in Health and Safety Chapter 8.12

​Instructions for reporting COVID-19 cases and Reporting Form have been added to the Handbook.

September 15
13-6 Testing and Research in Schools

​Corrections made to the formatting of the subtopics.

August 05
10.4.2 Using Copyrighted Material on the Internet, in Online Presentations or Distance Learning

​The copyright "fair use" topic in Chapter 10.4.2 has been supplemented with the rules that apply to online teaching and training, as provided by the TEACH Act. These rules apply to platforms such as ZOOM, Microsoft Teams, Adobe ​​Connect, and the like. 

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