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January 27
Chapter 17 - Record Retention

​Effective January 1, 2022, all employment applications for non-hired applicants must be retained for at least 4 years.  This is a change from the former retention period of 2 years.  The change also affects advertisements for job openings.  The retention period is now 4 years, not 2 years.  

January 18
Chapter 5 - Minimum Wage Chart Updated

​Minimum wages in California and the County of Los Angeles, the cities of Los Angeles, Malibu, Pasadena and Santa Monica are $15 an hour, with increases expected in July 2022.  The City of West Hollywood has a new minimum wage ordinance that increases the minimum wage every 6 months from $15.50 an hour in January 2022 to $18.77 as of July 1, 2023.  Various sick leave requirements are also listed in the wage chart.

January 06
5.8.2 Sick Time COVID-19 Update

December 14
Chapter 5 - Clergy Transportation

​The insurance policy for clergy vehicles has been updated to state that coverage is available for travel inside the United States.  

 Archdiocesan vehicles remain uncovered by insurance for foreign travel (e.g. Mexico or Canada); therefore, they may not be driven across international borders. 

October 27
Chapter 8 - Health and Safety - Section 8.12.2

​The COVID-19 reporting requirements were clarified to explain who needs to sign the Notice of Potential  Exposure to COVID-19​

October 14
Chapter 5 - Personnel - Updated

​Chapter 5 - Personnel - has been reviewed and updated; miscellaneous forms have been updated as well.  If you printed out forms for use, please discard them and use the updated forms in the Handbook instead.

October 13
Chapter 9 -Safe Environment

​Chapter 9-  Safe Environment - has been reviewed and updated.  All resources (forms) can be found at the bottom of the ​index landing page.

August 20
Chapter 14 - Inclusion

The chapter was reviewed in May 2021 and all forms were updated in August 2021.  Those who may have printed out the forms should discard them and refer only to the current versions.​

July 20
Chapter 8.12.2 Update to COVID-19 Guidance

​This section has been update to reflect the mandatory indoor face covering order from the County of Los Angeles and the cities of Long Beach and Pasadena.

July 13
Chapter 8.12.2 - Update to COVID-19 Guidance

​Chapter 8.12.2 ​has been updated to reflect the latest guidance on COVID-19 issued by the government authorities.  A sample sign-in sheet and a link to a model Cal-OSHA compliant COVID-19 Prevention Program that will assist locations in creating the mandated program are a few of the additions and changes.​

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