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May 13
Section 8.12.2 - Outside User Agreement COVID-19 Vaccine Site

​A new outside user agreement for locations that wish to host a COVID-19 vaccination site is available in Section 8.12.2.

April 21
Section 5.7.7 Credit Unions

​Section 5.7.7 has been updated to include a second credit union, SchoolsFirst to the options available to archdiocesan employees.

April 19
Section 5.8.2 - Sick Leave

This section has been updated with information related to COVID-19 paid sick leave.  Locations must use the forms provided to report the time accurately to ADP.​

April 19
Section 5.7.3 - Continuation of Health Benefits

​The continuation of health benefits guidance has been updated with information about accessing MyEnroll. 

March 31
Section 8.12 Communicable Diseases - COVID-19

The COVID-19 guidelines have been updated and will continue to be updated as new government orders are issued.​​

February 09
2.5.2 Parish Finance Councils - Updated Guidelines

Guidelines for Parish Finance Councils that were promulgated in December 2019 and were going to be discussed at the COVID-19 cancelled Regional Finance meetings in the spring of 2020 have been uploaded.​

January 22
Health and Safety-8-12-1 COVID-19 Guidelines and Reporting

​This section has been updated to reflect new reporting requirements from the State of California for schools

January 06
8-12 Health and Safety-Communicable Disease-COVID-19

Chapter 8-12 Health & Safety - Communicable Diseases has been updated​ to reflect that LA County Public Health Department has rescinded Appendix F and replaced it with Appendix A

December 31
8-12 - Health & Safety - Communicable Diseases

Chapter 8-12 Health & Safety - Communicable Diseases has been updated to include the most recent guidance, definitions and reporting forms pertaining to COVID-19-related situations at locations.  Extremely short deadlines for reporting apply; ​therefore, familiarity with these procedures is essential.​

November 22
1.2.1 and 2.2 Canonical Structure - Organization Chart

​The organization chart depicting the canonical structure of the Archdiocese has been updated. The current office holders and the allocation of certain responsibilities have been added.

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