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California Junior Scholarship Federation


The California Junior Scholarship Federation is a scholarship organization for junior high students. Its purpose is to maintain high standards of scholarship and service to the school. Membership is based on grades, service, and conduct.


Criteria for Membership to CJSF:

  1. Membership is open to students in grades 7 and 8.
  2. Students must have a "B" in conduct in each trimester for each subject recognized by CJSF. (A  "B-" is not permitted.)
  3. No grade on the report card in any subject can be lower than a "C."
  4. CJSF recognizes the following six (6) subjects: Religion, Math, Social Studies, Science, English, and Reading.
  5. "A" is three (3) points and "B" is one (1) point.  Students must have a total of twelve (12) points.  One point can be earned for service. Service can include altar serving, student council, or any outside school organization that has a service program; for example, Scouting or National Charity League.  Sports teams do not meet the criteria for service.
  6. A student must be a member of CJSF for two (2) of the three (3) trimesters in BOTH 7th and 8th grades in order to wear the CJSF Gold Cord at graduation.
  7. Students who are members of CJSF in the 8th grade only will also be recognized at graduation and given a certificate.​