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9.8.3 - Interview of Students by Law Enforcement or Child Protective Agencies9.8.3 - Interview of Students by Law Enforcement or Child Protective Agencies<p>​​​​When investigating matters involving child abuse or neglect, law enforcement and child protective agencies are entitled under law to interview students and other minors at school or during parish activities. The person in charge must confirm that the person seeking the interview is properly authorized and presents appropriate identification and must also confirm that the interview is being conducted as part of his or her professional duties. <br> <br> ​In the archdiocese it is the policy to inform parents/guardians that such an interview will take place except when law enforcement or the agency has a specific reason to not inform the parents/guardians. In all events it is the policy of the archdiocese that an adult, either a parent/guardian or school or parish staff member, will be present for any interview unless the minor being interviewed elects otherwise. </p><p>8-25-21</p>