Rosa Cumare4/10/2024 10:39 AM0 Priest Vehicle and 403(b) Plan updates
Marina A. Macchiagodena1/31/2024 3:55 PM0 
Rosa Cumare12/19/2023 4:02 PM0 2024 State Minimum Wage Rate Increase
Rosa Cumare11/6/2023 2:08 PM0 Canonical structures organizational chart update
Rosa Cumare8/12/2023 4:06 PM0 Wage and payscale information disclosure requirements
Marina A. Macchiagodena7/26/2023 2:41 PM0 New health order updates
Rosa Cumare6/30/2023 11:22 AM0 ​​5.2.3 Update of reasonable accommodations required for pregnant women and new birth mothers
Rosa Cumare6/10/2023 4:12 PM0 July 1, 2023 Minimum Wage Increases for Certain ADLA Locations
Rosa Cumare5/10/2023 4:41 PM0 Update to workers compensation reporting
Marina A. Macchiagodena4/12/2023 10:22 AM0 
Rosa Cumare2/1/2023 3:08 PM0 Chapter 5.10.9 - 2023 Updated Required Posters
David Schmitt10/29/2022 10:00 AM0 Handbook Search Uses Google Search Engine During Site Upgrade
Marina A. Macchiagodena10/25/2022 4:25 PM0 
Rosa Cumare10/16/2022 8:13 PM0 Chapter 5.2.19 References and Employment Verification Update
Marina A. Macchiagodena10/3/2022 5:08 PM0 
Rosa Cumare9/13/2022 4:21 PM0 Update Chapter Housing and Room and Board (Clergy)
Marina A. Macchiagodena8/29/2022 12:16 PM0 
Rosa Cumare8/16/2022 5:16 PM0 Notice re archdiocesan non-discrimination policies
Rosa Cumare7/29/2022 10:50 AM0 Chapter 2.5.2 - Parish Finance Council Guidelines Updated
Rosa Cumare7/20/2022 8:33 PM0 Chapter 3 - School Governance Updated
Marina A. Macchiagodena6/2/2022 1:50 PM0 
Rosa Cumare5/26/2022 5:31 PM0 
Marina A. Macchiagodena5/4/2022 3:59 PM0 
Rosa Cumare4/29/2022 5:03 PM0 Chapter 4 - Catholic Identity &Religious Education update notice
Marina A. Macchiagodena2/17/2022 3:15 PM0 
Marina A. Macchiagodena2/1/2022 2:44 PM0 
Rosa Cumare1/27/2022 11:16 AM0 Chapter 17 - Record Retention - Job Application Records Change
Rosa Cumare1/18/2022 6:34 PM0 Chapter 5 - Minimum Wage Chart Updated
Rosa Cumare1/6/2022 5:26 PM0 5-8-2 Sick Time COVID-19 Update
Rosa Cumare12/14/2021 4:54 PM0 Update Clergy Vehicle Insurance Coverage
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