Parent-Teacher Organization

The PTO promotes open communication, good will, and cooperation among parents, teachers and the administration of our school. The PTO coordinates parental support through parent education and social functions to help build and enhance the faith community of Holy Redeemer - St. James Catholic school. 

Its primary purpose is to raise funds for the school and coordinate the service and volunteer programs. All parents, guardians, and teachers of Holy Redeemer - St. James Catholic school are members of the PTO.

The PTO is not a governance or advisory board for the school administration.
PTO Requirements

  • Each family is required to give a minimum of 35 hours of service or pay for those hours at a rate of $30 per hour.
  • Each family is required to meet the fundraising fee of  $1,500.00 per year. Any amount not met, will be invoiced and billed to the parent for the difference.
  • Each family is expected to meet the SCRIP profit commitment of $250 per year. If a family does not wish to participate in the SCRIP program, families may choose to buy-out this obligation for $500. This will remove the Scrip purchasing obligation.
  • If a family does not earn any profits toward scrip or participate in the scrip program by the close of the scrip window for the year, then the buyout rate for the scrip program will be applied to that family's account. 
  • Families who meet the $250 profit commitment will have met their obligation and do not face being invoiced for scrip buyout. 
  • If a family raises money toward the $250 profit commitment but falls short of that commitment, the amount of profit earned will be deducted from the buyout rate and the balance applied and invoiced to the family. For example, a family who has earned $100 toward the $250 profit commitment will be invoiced for $400. This is the profit commitment of $500 - $100 of profits earned for a total of $400 being invoiced. The goal is to reach the $250 profit commitment to help support the school operations and to avoid the difference being invoiced at the end of the year.​
PTO General Meetings

There are four PTO General meetings each year and attendance at these meetings is highly encouraged. One service hour will be given for attendance and participation at the meeting. You will be contacted in writing during the year to update you on your fundraising, scrip and volunteer hour status. All fees and unfulfilled volunteer hours must be paid in full by the end of May.



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