Field Trip Policies

The field trip policies listed below apply to class trips, school group trips (e.g. choir, academic decathlon) and trips for school sport teams.

The schools may plan field trips for one of more days including overnight field trips. The school, at its option, may decide not to offer overnight field trips. All field trips, whether day or overnight must comply with the following requirements:

·      Prior permission of the principal.

·      Signed and dated Student and Youth Activity Permission Forms and Emergency Medical Authorizations from parents. All Permission and Authorization Forms must be in the possession of the supervising adult during the trip. Copies of the forms are attached as Appendix B and C.

·      All participants must have appropriate identification and travel documents
·      All archdiocesan policies on safe environment must be followed, including background checks for vendors providing the trips, as applicable.

·      For trips outside the 100-mile radius of the school, guidelines must include consideration of the ability of parents to incur cost, the financial impact of the trip on other school fundraising activities and class work missed by students.

·      State law requires that a first aid kit be immediately available to the supervising adult on all excursions and field trips. First aid kits must be carried in all vehicles transporting students to school sponsored activities. Student emergency information must be immediately available to the supervising adult. At least one adult chaperone shall be in possession of a cell phone. A snakebite kit must be included in any area where there may be poisonous snakes.​



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