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​​​​​Each elementary school, high school, religious education program, confirmation program, and youth ministry program must annually offer the Archdiocese of Los Angeles "Empowering God's Children and Young People Safety Program."  Each location must provide home-based materials to all parents/guardians to help them understand and support their children's education regarding child sexual abuse prevention.
All junior high and high school students should recognize that while they are engaged in service or activities that involve children or youth, they are role models who are called to treat each child or youth with respect and care.

Student workers and volunteers:

  • Are required to observe all rules and regulations established by their school and by the school or agency they are serving 

  • May not associate with or be present with children or youth or be party to activities that violate civil law and/or school rules 

  • Should exercise caution in all interactions with children, including verbal, written, and electronic communications 

  • Games or sports with children should be engaged in only in the presence of adults, or in a place openly accessible and visible to adults 

  • Should keep the door open or be visible through door windows while in a room with children or youth

  • Should not discuss topics or use vocabulary with children or youth that could not be comfortably used in the presence of parents/guardians or the school principal

  • Should never give gifts or mementos to individual children or youth unless this is authorized by the principal 

  • Must respect the physical boundaries of children and youth; children and youth must never be touched punitively, nor should they be touched in any way that could be construed as inappropriately affectionate