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We believe in respecting ourselves and others. 
  • We are loving and kind to others.
  • We live a healthy life style.
  • We value cultural diversity. 
We believe there is a scholar in each of us.
  • We are in charge of our learning.
  • We observe, we think, we do.
  • We use technology as a tool for learning. 
We believe in the right to live in a peaceful environment.
  • We work to be like Jesus in our thoughts and actions.
  • We solve our problems with respect.
  • We pray every day as Jesus taught. 
We believe in the gifts and value of God's Creation.
  • We are happy that God created us.
  • We take care of the Earth.
  • We share our gifts and give to those in need. 
We believe we can make a difference! ​​



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