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Every family is required to meet the service hour commitment by either volunteering 30 hours+ or buying out of the program at $420 (funds added to a FACTS Agreement).  All 30 hours must be completed by mid-May. Up to 5 hours worked after mid-May may be applied to the following school year's commitment.  Hours not completed will be billed to school families at a rate of $14/hr.  (See information re: Virtus training and fingerprinting requirements for volunteers).

All service hours must be entered on your family's Gradelink account. You will need to enter the service date, number of hours, and activity. When volunteering at school, all families must sign-in on the list in front of the health office.  This list is used to verify hours a family enters on Gradelink every month. Also, in case of emergencies, this tells us who is on campus. 

If service hours are performed off campus for fundraising purposes, the hours entered on Gradelink must be approved by the fundraising chairperson or school administration. 

For the numerous families that exceed the 30-hour commitment each year, your service to the school is greatly appreciated!

Every family is required to donate a minimum of $400 per year to St. Euphrasia Church or buy-out of the Parish Commitment by adding $400 to a FACTS Agreement. 

Families must use an envelope with a pre-assigned number (from the parish) or participate in on-line giving when making donations.  Parishioners (that haven't been donating at least $400/year for the past year), non-parishioners and non-Catholics must add the $400 fee to their total tuition and fees collected through FACTS.  Parishioners with a history of making donations for over a year, using a pre-assigned envelope, may choose the option to buy-out of this commitment by adding $400 to the total Tuition & Fees.  The school will forward these funds to the Church on the family's behalf.

Parish donations will be tracked from May 1st through April 30th.  A statement showing your donations must be forwarded to Nancy Gillen in the Business Office at no later than the second Friday in May.  If you have not met all your donations, charges will be processed through FACTS

Please realize that a large percentage of your donation comes back to the school to help fund programs for your children.  Since we are a parish school, we receive a very generous subsidy from St. Euphrasia Church on an annual basis.

Every family is required to participate in Fundraisers and earn a minimum of $350 in credits or buy-out of the program by adding $350 to a FACTS Agreement.

Each year, the parent-teacher council (PTC) determines which fundraisers will be offered to families.  A percentage of return is determined based on what the school earns.  This percentage is used to calculate the credit a family will earn toward their Fundraising commitment.  This is a list of potential fundraisers and how credit is earned toward the PTC commitment:




Gift Items and Gift Wrap

On-line purchases


$10.00 spent=$4.00 credit

Restaurant Nights

Receipt submitted (subtotal counted)


$10.00 spent=$2.00 credit

Sees Candy

On-line purchases


$10.00 spent=$2.50 credit




$10.00 spent=$7.50 credit

Christmas Program

Front or Second Row

(Seats for 8 people

for either AM or PM show)

$10 Raffle ticket


$10.00 spent=$10.00 credit

Raffle (cash and other prizes)

15-$10 tickets (paid as part of a family tuition plan)

Additional $10 tickets sold





No credit



$10.00 spent=$10 credit​

Once all fundraisers are completed, families with outstanding balances will be billed and the charges will be processed through FACTS if not paid within 10 days.


Every family is required to either purchase a minimum of $3,000 in scrip (which earns the school approximately $150) or buy-out of the Scrip Commitment by adding $150 to a FACTS Agreement.

To purchase scrip, you must set up an account on or the RaiseRight mobile app. The school's enrollment code is B6361A469647. You must set up a payment by entering bank account or credit card information on the website or the app to process scrip orders. The school does not accept payments by way of cash or checks.

Scrip orders paid and submitted by 9:45 a.m. every Wednesday morning will be processed for delivery the following Wednesday.  Once your order has been processed, there are no exchanges, returns, or cancellations permitted. All physical gift card orders will be sent home with the oldest child. However, if you reload a gift card (purchased through the website or app) or buy an e-card, the order will be processed within hours of submitting it. Scrip orders are never processed the week before the Christmas and Easter break. Any orders submitted to the school will not be processed until students return to school.

You will always have access to your account to verify the total scrip purchases applied toward the Scrip Commitment of $3,000 (for purchases processed mid-May to mid-May). Any shortfall will be billed to families at a rate of 5% of the balance due and charges will be processed through FACTS. For example, if you only purchased $2,000 during the required period, you will be billed 5% of $1,000 ($50).



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