In case of an illness or accident, the school will contact the home and follow the request of the parent. It is understood that enrollment at Our Lady of Talpa confers upon the school the obligation of select emergency care providers (as outlined on the emergency card) in the absence of our ability to reach the parents, and that no liability would be attached to such a decision in the event that the parents cannot be reached. If you do not have your own phone, please give the number of a neighbor or relative and make sure to discuss this arrangement with the person involved. Two local persons should be named who can be contacted in the event of an emergency if the parents cannot be reached.


​In the event of a serious emergency during school hours, please do not telephone the school.  Lines must be kept open for emergency use. School gates will be closed to keep all non-essential persons outside the school grounds.  During the initial evacuation students will assemble in the yard.  All students will be cared for in the supervised area. 

According to State Law, the students will be released only to a parent or other specifically designated person. We have this information on our Disaster Information Form on file with each teacher as well as with the school office. Please be sure your child knows each person you have designated on the Emergency Card.

Brief instructions for parents are:

    • Do not phone, the school lines are needed for emergency.
    • Upon arrival at school, report to the adult in charge to pick up your child/ren.
    • Remain calm.

​ As a general rule, Our Lady of Talpa School will follow the same procedure as the public schools in the area, and/or instruction from the Archdiocesan School Office.


In order to help our children be prepared in the event of a disaster, a fire and Code Red drill is held once a month and an earthquake drill is held twice a school year.



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