Dress and Grooming Regulations

Dress and grooming appropriate for students at a Catholic high school is expected of all students at all school activities or events whether on or off campus. The school administration reserves the right to correct students deemed inappropriately dressed for the occasion and administer disciplinary consequences.


Parental Responsibility:

Since the parent is the primary educator of the student, it is strictly the parents' responsibility to ensure that his/her student is in correct dress on a daily basis while on the campus of Cantwell-Sacred Heart of Mary High School.

When a student is found to be out of school dress, that student may be suspended. His/her parent may be asked to come immediately to the school, and to remove his/her student until the next school day. The student will then serve detention time. The record of a student who persists in this behavior will be reviewed by the Disciplinary Review Board which will make a recommendation to the Principal for further action.


Uniform Policy

The designated uniform is to be worn properly every day, including all exam days. Certain days, such as liturgical events, will be designated as formal uniform days. On these days white polo shirts or blouses must be worn with khaki or navy logo pants or skirts.

Women and Men Uniform

  1. Shirts are to be worn tucked in at all times.
  2. Belts (black, blue and brown with no decoration) are to be worn with logo pants or shorts and are to be visible at all times.

Shirts or Blouse

Long or short sleeve collared Oxford white shirt. Short sleeve white, burgundy or navy knit collared polo shirt with the official CSHM logo sold by CKW Uniforms. Only white short sleeved undershirts are permitted to be worn under shirts or blouses. Thermal underwear may be worn only under a long sleeve shirt or blouse of the same color.


All students may only wear navy or khaki CSHM logo pants purchased CKW. Pants are to be relaxed fit. Tight fitting pants, jeans, joggers, "leggings" or "Cargo" pants are not permitted. Pants may not be oversized, cut, or frayed. 


Only Navy or Khaki with the official school logo sold at CKW.

Skirt /Skort (Women)

Pleated, or 4-pleated plaid; Skirts must be worn no shorter than slightly above the knee.


Burgundy, white, grey, or navy socks, knee highs or tights may be worn; knee high socks are never to be worn over the knee.


Closed dress or athletic shoes. Boots may be worn only under long pants/slacks. Shoes must be tied or connected at all times and  must be free of any writing.  Sandals and/or croqs may not be worn.


Burgundy or navy pullover or V-neck sweater, navy or burgundy class sweater; Varsity letter sweater.


Only CSHM sweatshirts with screened or embroidered official logos approved by the Dean will be allowed. Any club, activity, or sport CSHM sweatshirt or T-shirt must be approved by the Dean of Students. Non-CSHM clothing is not allowed to be worn. No jackets, coats or sweatshirts other than the ones listed above will be allowed. Approved sweatshirts, hoodies, and pullovers available at CKW.

Non-Uniform Day and Dances

At certain times in the school year students are permitted to wear non-uniform clothes to school.  Students must be modestly dressed in every way. The guidelines for these non-uniform dress days:

    1. Jeans and walking shorts that are not torn, tight fitting, faded, or oversized may be worn.
    2. Pant leggings and yoga pants may not be worn.
    3. Undershirts or shirts with vulgar, alcohol, drug, gang related, or inappropriate (as determined by the Dean) imprints are not allowed.
    4. Sleeveless blouses, midriffs, spaghetti strap blouses, miniskirts, cutoff shorts, short shorts or sandals without back straps are not allowed.
    5. Bandanas are not allowed.
    6. Fishnet or torn stockings are not allowed.

A monthly non-uniform day has been scheduled for seniors. Students violating these guidelines will lose future privileges and face disciplinary action.

Spirit Day Uniform

On designated Spirit Wear days students may wear Dean approved CSHM apparel with jeans (no torn or frayed jeans).  Students violating these guidelines will lose future privileges and face disciplinary action.​

Game Day Uniform

Individual sports may adopt a unique game day athletic dress to encourage team unity and pride in participation. Where possible, a special school sweater is worn with a collared shirt and tie. This game athletic dress must be approved by the Dean of Students or may result in loss of privileges.

Personal Grooming & Accessories

a) Hair must be properly groomed, clean, neat in appearance and must be a natural color. Exaggerated or extreme hairstyles, hair that hangs in the face or that emulates gang or criminal affiliations distract from the educational experience and are not permitted. School administration shall determine if a student’s hairstyle violates this policy. ​

b) Senior boys are allowed to wear mustaches, or neatly trimmed and appropriate (as determined by the Dean) goatees or beards. All other boys are to be clean shaven.

c) Only official CSHM Caps or Hats may be worn. Caps or hats are never worn in class or in buildings.

d) Women may wear moderate jewelry. Make-up may be worn in moderation. Earrings that stretch the earlobe hole "gaging", nose studs or rings or other body piercings are not permitted. Placing a piece of tape, band-aid, or any covering over pierced jewelry will not be accepted.

e) Men may not wear earrings or piercings of any kind. Any pierced jewelry must be removed when on campus or at any event.

f) Permanent or temporary tattoos, writing or marking on the body are not permitted.

g) Except for student name, writing of any kind, pins, patches, or anything in violation of the spirit of this regulation, on backpacks is not permitted.

The general spirit of the dress code is that students should be modest and moderate in terms of dress and appearance at school and school functions. Compliance with these regulations is subject to the judgment of the school administration.

It is suggested that any questions concerning the appropriateness of any dress/appearance items be referred to the Dean of Students prior to making a styling decision or purchase.


Non-Compliance with Dress Code and Events

Students at sporting events or other school related events are required to comply with dress standards or may be asked to leave the activity. Students may be liable to disciplinary action.

Cardinal Spirit Day -

Every Friday students may wear official CSHM spirit gear with jeans. Jeans must be worn properly.  Torn, tight fitting, faded or oversized jeans are not allowed.  This is not a free dress, if you are not dressed in Cardinal Spirit wear you must wear a regular day uniform. 

No Crocs, Slides or Sandals ever. Please do not show up with them and change into your other shoes.  You will have the temptation to wear them.




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