Academic Guidance and Counseling

The guidance program at CSHM encompasses the spiritual, personal, academic, career, and college instruction of students. The mission and purpose of CSHM is education. The school does not assume the responsibility for psychological counseling or therapy.

The guidance program at CSHM includes: College Counseling, Academic Counseling, Career Counseling, Outreach Concern

In addition to providing classroom instruction, CSHM incorporates the following counseling activities:​

    • Advice and counseling regarding academic subjects, class selection, and progress in school
    • Limited guidance to students who present with non-academic personal issues or situations
    • Referrals to marriage and family therapists, child psychologists, licensed educational psychologists, psychiatrists, and similar professionals for diagnosis and treatment; referrals to parents/guardians, with three names of qualified people or entities
    • Career counseling and periodic career days or career sessions during which students meet representatives of different professions
    • College counseling, sharing information with parents/guardians and students about application procedures, entrance exams, scholarships, and financial aid; schools may also provide catalogs and information sessions
Changes in Schedule

Changing a class requires completing an application signed by parent, student, and teacher. Change of program may be made only with the permission of the Guidance Director. No change may be made after the date specified on the Change of Schedule form unless specifically recommended by the teacher and then only for the most serious reasons.

Procedure for Handling Academic Concerns:

At Cantwell-Sacred Heart of Mary High School, we honor the principal of subsidiarity: The following steps are to be followed before an academic concern may be resolved:

First: Speak with the teacher

Second: Make an appointment with the Vice Principal by calling the front office. 

Third: Make an appointment with the Principal by calling the front office. 



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