Interscholastic Athletic Program

The interscholastic athletic program is an integral part of the curriculum and holds many educational advantages for all students. Competition and cooperation are prized in our culture and both are fostered in well-conducted athletic games. The self-discipline required and stress met in interscholastic competition provides training opportunities.

All interscholastic activities of the Athletic Department will maintain in practice as well as in spirit, the ideals and standards that are the policy of the administration of Cantwell-Sacred Heart of Mary, the Catholic Athletic Association (CAA), and the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF). No change in rules, policy, etc. will be made by any coach that does not agree with the above.

Student participation in athletics
  1. Athletics should contribute to the overall education of the student. Varied experiences in different sports will help the student.
  2. It is the basic policy at Cantwell-Sacred Heart of Mary that every student may freely choose to participate in any sport which interests him/her and for which he/she is qualified.
  3. A fundamental concept should be that the sport exists for the benefit of the student; not vice versa.
  4. No student should be put into the position of having to "choose" between two sports which normally do not conflict.
  5. No student may participate in more than one sport in a season. No student may drop one sport in favor of another sport of the same season without approval of both coaches.
  6. No student should be allowed to switch from one sport to another overlapping sport without approval of both coaches.
  7. No student is permitted to participate in an athletic event if he/she has been absent from more than two periods on the day of the event.
  8. It is the philosophy of the Cantwell-Sacred Heart of Mary High School Athletic Department that joining an athletic team represents a commitment to that team for the entire season. Therefore, an athlete will not be allowed to quit one athletic team to go out for another school team until the regular season of the original sport is completed. Students who quit a team without a valid reason will not be allowed to participate in the following season of sport. In the case of extenuating circumstances, the varsity Head Coaches of the programs involved and the Athletic Director may agree to waive this policy and grant immediate eligibility to the athlete in the new sport. This policy also includes those athletes who have been dropped because of disciplinary reasons. Any player who fails to complete the season for any reason other than an injury or an illness will not be awarded a team letter. The athlete will also be subject to a one year ineligibility upon review of the case by the Athletic Director and an Athletic Board. Participation on an outside athletic team in the same sport during the athlete's school season is forbidden. This is  specifically forbidden by CIF rules. Athletes who do so must be dropped from the team and all games in which they participated must be forfeited.
  9. Participants in tackle football must carry an additional insurance rider available through the school office.
  10. Students may not participate as cheerleaders, pep squad members, or drill team members at other high schools.



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