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The curriculum at archdiocesan Catholic schools integrates the mission of Christ to teach the Gospel  message to all. The archbishop and archdiocese are committed to providing strong academic  experiences for students in school communities that reflect two purposes: the teaching mission of the  Church and the need to educate youth for life in a way that relies on academic skills and requires sound  preparation. 

The curriculum consists of all learning experiences that are planned and organized under the  principal's leadership, implementing the school's educational goals in a manner that reflects a  commitment to Catholic teachings. The curriculum must be consistent with the philosophy of the  school, educational policies of the archdiocese, and requirements of the applicable sections of the  California Education Code. The commitment to ongoing academic excellence, personal growth,  leadership, and service as components of Catholic identity extends to all aspects of the academic  program. 

The curriculum in high schools are planned at each school to meet these overall  objectives and the particular needs of the individual school community. The Department of Catholic  Schools provides support for curriculum matters. In parish high schools, the pastor and principal consult on these matters. The archdiocesan high school curriculum is coordinated  by the principal with senior academic and administration staff. While the principal may raise  curriculum issues with consultative school boards and groups, the principal reserves responsibility for  curriculum matters.