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School Name

Saint Genevieve High School


Patron Saint 

The school is named in honor of the patroness of Paris. Born in 419 AD in Nanterre, France, SaintGenevieve was famous for her courage and Christian witness during the Barbarian invasion of France.  Saint Genevieve died in 512 A.D. after a life of service to the Church and her people.



School Motto


Adveniat Regnum Christi (May the Kingdom of Christ Come!)



School Nickname/Moniker


The Valiants



School Colors


Silver & Blue



Alma Mater

To thee our Alma Mater,

 Through all eternity

We pledge our hearts and honor,

 And all our loyalty.


And wherever our paths may take us,

 To thee we will be true,

As the voices ring,

 As the praises we sing--

   Of the good old Silver and Blue!​ 


Section 1:  Philosophy, Mission & History

Saint Genevieve High School Philosophy

During times of darkness and turbulence, a lighthouse gives ocean vessels a sense of safety, aid, and comfort.  We here at Saint Genevieve Catholic High School are called to be the light of Christ for others, not only for the school community but also for people in our everyday lives. 

Recognizing that parents and guardians are the primary educators of their children, we called to maintain a partnership in providing an excellent holistic education and to provide opportunities for parents to be inspired.  Together we are called to shine our light by learning to become disciples, mentors, leaders, and neighbors to one another.  As people of faith and students of the Gospel, we are called to reach our fullest potential to succeed spiritually, academically, athletically and creatively.

In today's world people are constantly confronted by adversity and discrimination.  Here at Saint Genevieve we celebrate the gift of diversity, not just tolerate it, but embrace it as well.  We are called to create a sense of respect which bonds us together, simply because there is no such thing as community without unity.  As the world becomes more interlinked, it is increasingly necessary to break down the social barriers of race, religion, and ethnicity in order for everyone to interact within the community without fear and respect each other's differences, regardless of those differences. 

The atmosphere of our school can be considered a melting pot due to our differences, which creates a learning environment in itself.  However, we are called to not only be a melting pot, but more of a cultural salad, where people can maintain their individuality and still respect and celebrate what makes each of us unique.  This is how we receive and embody the light of Christ that is so desperately needed in our world.  Through becoming listeners and learners, the Saint Genevieve High School community is inspired to be a lighthouse and be prepared to go out into the world to inspire others.  We are proud to be a faith based school with deep Catholic roots.


​                                                                                                                                                                                                  To Know God, 

                   To Live With Honor,

                                                       To Change the World!​



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