Parents have the primary responsibility for the education of their children. Specifically, this includes the responsibility:

  • To establish a home environment which teaches the moral values, religious habits, social skills, self-discipline, and commitment to learning upon which successful Catholic schooling is based.

  • To make a wise and informed choice of schools for their children, keeping in mind that each school has its own unique character, tone and strengths.

  • To be fully informed regarding all aspects of their children's developmental progress, and, where needed, to take and or support the appropriate remedial action.

  • To make every effort to establish and maintain a collaborative and mutually supportive relationship with the school that they have selected for their children.​


When a parent has a concern or question regarding a student, they should contact the teacher first. If the problem has not been resolved satisfactorily, the appropriate academic counselor assigned to the student should be contacted to arrange a meeting with all parties concerned.

Messages may be left for teachers via e-mail, allowing for 24 to 48 hours to respond.

Parents are invited to Back-to-School Night to meet the faculty. Additionally, the school schedules Parent-Student-Teacher Conference Night for the parents to meet with their student's teachers in order to discuss academic progress in each class.


Teachers and administrators will only conduct conferences with students and their parents or legal guardians. Other relatives, friends and family associates are not permitted to be present. Siblings may wait in designated areas however, supervision is not provided by the school. In cases of divorced or separated parents, it is the responsibility of the custodial parent, not the school, to inform the other parent on matters of discipline, academic progress and times of conferences. 



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