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A student of Saint Genevieve High School must fulfill the following requirements for graduation.  Each student will take one English and one Religion class each semester.  Students must complete a minimum of 275 units for graduation.  Each subject completed with a passing mark is equivalent to five units per semester. Seniors are required to attend an Exit Interview with the College Advisor by May 1st. Seniors are required to complete a senior survey indicating college acceptance and financial award information. 

Any student who has not received credit for the subject ("F" or "I") must make up the proper credit before returning for the following school year.  PE cannot be used to make up academic "F's".

No senior will be given a diploma/transcript that has failed a class, has any remaining financial obligation or has not completed their service hours. All athletic fees, school fees, extra- curricular activity fees, including graduation fees, and tuition MUST be paid in full before seniors will be allowed to participate in senior activities, including Grad Nite, prom and the graduation ceremony. Students that have paid for Grad Nite, prom, and their graduation but have not paid other school fees, may have these funds transferred by the school to cover other school fees that are preeminent. The student then may not be allowed to participate in these activities.


In addition, any student who fails a class in their senior year may not be permitted to attend Grad Night or participate in the graduation ceremonies, including practice and the Baccalaureate Mass.


Religion                             4 years – 40 units             Physical Education               4 years – 40 units


English                              4 years – 40 units              Health Education                  1 semester – 5 units


Social Studies                  3 years – 30 units                Electives                                 3 years – 35 units


Mathematics                   3 years – 30 units               Visual/Performing Arts        1 year – 10 units


Science                             2 years – 20 units              World Languages                 2 years – 20 units (3 years recommended)



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