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Students are expected to remain in supervised areas and within eyesight of assigned faculty supervisors during lunch and nutrition. Students are not permitted on the field and faculty/staff parking lot. Students are not allowed in the gymnasium, locker-room, weight room or other facilities unless faculty/staff supervision is present. Students are not allowed in the school building unless faculty/staff supervision is present. Students are to use the restrooms on the outside first floor. Students are expected to help maintain and improve the cleanliness of our campus by disposing of litter properly. Students are allowed to have water and water only in the classroom. Open food and beverages are not allowed in the building, in addition to glass containers. Student lunches should be properly sealed, but should not be stored in student lockers overnight. Students should report any spills or accidents to a teacher or staff member as soon as a spill occurs. Students may not go outside the school premises to receive items from family or friends. This includes passing food and items through the school gates. Items should be properly distributed through the main office. Students that make the choice of eating late due to other interests will not be excused if they are tardy to class.


Food service is available during lunch and nutrition in the Valiant Cafe. Students have the option of going through the "Café Line" or the "Vending Machine Line". Students will form two single-file lines in order to be served. Students are not to purchase food for other students, "cut" into line, and/or loiter around the line. Students that are not purchasing items should not be in the Valiant Café. Students are responsible for their own mess and are expected to clean up after themselves. It is not the Cafe's responsibility to pick up student's trash. 


Students are not permitted to leave campus for lunch or nutrition. Once students arrive on campus, students must remain on campus until the school day has concluded. Students needing to leave early will need to check out with the Main Office. 



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