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Academic Counseling, College Counseling and Personal Counseling are all vital components of the school and provide several very important services to students and parents. Their goals include:

  • Helping students to understand themselves so that they can become the men and women they are destined to be.
  • Identifying their personal strengths so that they can capitalize on them in goal achievement.
  • Identifying their weaknesses so that they can make improvements where and when needed.
  • Deepening their appreciation of Christian principles so that they are able to make wise spiritual, moral and vocational decisions.

Academic Counseling is available to students and their parents for telephone discussions, personal conferences and family meetings. Academic Counselors are fully aware of every student's level of academic progress and meet regularly with students and parents to define strategies to strengthen and enhance that progress.

Personal counseling for students grappling with non-academic problems is provided through Counseling Partners of Los Angeles (CPLA).

The College Advisor is available to students and parents throughout students' high school careers and helps students/parents make informed decisions and answer questions about college/university choices, financial aid and all issues relative to post-secondary education.

I. Spiritual

The primary goal of Catholic education is to help students to develop Catholic values. The Counseling Department works with students to deal with the daily issues that arise, with the approach of using Catholic values and morals. It is the goal to not only develop the student in terms of their education; but, the department also woks to develop the moral character of each of the students at Saint Genevieve High School.

II. Academic

Academic Counselors provide numerous services to students and parents. These include, but are not limited to: helping students to select and finalize their annual course selections; monitoring students' academic performance and alerting both students and parents about academic problems as they surface; helping students to identify tutoring and learning enhancement

opportunities both at the school and through outside agencies; organizing student/parent/teacher conferences to discuss individual student's academic success in his/her various courses; developing strategies to strengthen student's academic performance; translation in Spanish and Chinese; and, referring students for testing when indicators are present that a student may have a learning disability. Periodic standardized academic testing is administered and the results are explained to the students as a guide toward future planning. Academic counseling is available in the Counseling Office.

III. Career

Schools provide opportunities for students to explore various career options. Each student is provided with support in discovering his or her capabilities, limitation, interests, aptitudes and potentialities and is directed toward appropriate career paths. Career information and advising is available in the Counseling Office from the Academic Counselors.

IV. College

The College Office provides students and parents with information about college/university application procedures, SAT and ACT tests, scholarships and financial aid. The College Advisor arranges trips to college fairs for students where they can meet face to face with college/university representatives to get information and ask questions. The College Advisor also organizes workshops specifically to educate parents about college/university decisions. Hundreds of college/university catalogs are available for students to peruse in the College Office. The College Advisor meets regularly with students and parents to clarify issues and help families navigate through the difficult and complex issues relative to college choices and finances. The College Advisor, who can be reached at the school at extension 123, can also be available on selected Saturdays and Sundays each month to meet with parents who are unavailable during the weekdays for such family meetings.​

V. International Students 

Direct any questions to International Student Counselor Ms. Judy Zhu (International Cohort). 


The school has, for several years now, provided personal counseling to students through "Counseling Partners of Los Angeles."  Note that Academic Counselors are distinguished from "CPLA" counselors. Counseling Partners of Los Angeles offers a full program of services to Catholic school students, their families and faculty members. Services include: on-campus counselors, family crisis counseling, and substance abuse program counseling and in-service programs. Long-term family, individual and marriage counseling is also available through their Service Associate staff of licensed mental health professionals, on a sliding scale of fees.​

 These personal counselors meet with students to help them address a variety of individual concerns and problems which are not primarily academic in nature.  Students may refer themselves for counseling or may be referred by their teachers, but parents must provide written approval for their child to receive CPLA services.  Note that discussions which take place between counselors and students remain confidential.  Counseling Partners of Los Angeles can also serve as a referral agency for families in distress and can provide limited educational testing.  


Any student wishing to concurrently enroll in a course at a different school must receive permission from their academic counselor. A student is not allowed to enroll in the same class simultaneously during the same academic semester. For example, a student cannot enroll in English 9A if they are currently enrolled in that same class at St. Genevieve High School, English 9A.   All and any classes students enrolled in must be UC/CSU approved courses to receive credits from Saint Genevieve High School.​



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