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​​​​​​7.2.2 Use of Archdiocesan Facilities

​​​​Permissions Required

Outside agencies, organizations, individuals, or groups, as well as other schools, parishes, or entities within the archdiocese (the "User"), may only use, rent, or lease the location facilities with the proper documentation​​​​ and under the following conditions:

  • The User must obtain permission in advance of the use from the person in charge at the location. 

  • The person in charge must contact the Real Esta​te Department  and obtain approval of the use. The Real Estate Department will advise the location regarding the appropriate documentation required for the specific use.

The Real Estate Department will administer and coordinate any additional archdiocesan de​partmental approvals that may be required in certain circumstances.

Guidelines for Use of Facilities

Locations may use their facilities only for approved purposes and in accordance with these guidelines and restrictions:

  • Rental of any portion of the facility to a for-profit entity may have tax consequences and is therefore discouraged.

  • Political parties, political candidates, and other partisan organizations are not permitted to use location facilities, equipment, or publications. Certain advocacy groups may use the facilities with the prior approval of the archdiocese. 

  • The use, rental, or lease of any portion of archdiocesan property must comply with all applicable zoning and use ordinances and must be accompanied by appropriate government permits and approvals. 

  • Third-party vendors and their employees who may be in contact with minors are generally required by the State of California to have a criminal history clearance, through fingerprinting or otherwise, before they commence activities at the location. In addition to the state requirements for vendors, the archdiocese requires that any agency, organization, group, individual, or volunteer who uses, rents, or leases location property and supervises or is involved regularly with students or minors must also (1) have a criminal history clearance through fingerprinting or otherwise, and (2) may be required to attend the archdiocese safe environme​nt training before the activities or services commence. The outside entity or person is responsible for arranging the background checks and fingerprinting. Occasionally they can be arranged through the archdiocese. See Safe Environment for additional information.

  • Proper supervision must be arranged. A representative of the location must be present at the location from 30 minutes before starting time until 30 minutes after the use to oversee the conduct of the activities, open and lock all gates and doors, and inspect the facility for damage. 

  • If the use is for filming, photography, advertising, television, or any similar activity, the person in charge must review the entire script (or the treatment if there is no script) prior to entering into any agreement to ensure that the materials are consistent with Catholic teaching and morals and that any depiction of the location facilities is appropriate. If the script or treatment is satisfactory to the location, it must then be sent to the Real Estate Department​. High schools must also send it to the Departme​nt of Catholic Schools​ for review.

  • Carnivals and fiestas may be conducted only pursuant to a written archdiocesan contract. Prohibition on Use of Facilities by Outside Media Organizations

To prevent mixed-messaging and confusion to the public, no location may rent or lease space to any media organization that is not under the direct control or oversight of the archdiocese and, in particular, of the archdiocesan Communications Department.​  No location may host any outside media organization or allow for use of facilities for events by outside media without the written approval of the Communications, Legal and Real Estate departments.  This policy does not apply to outside media engaged in reporting news pertaining to the location itself, such as, for example, a local television station's covering the dedication of a new facility or a fire or a live athletic event.

​"Media organization" means one or more persons, acting as individuals, or as organized entities, that communicate with the public by any means – in person, print, broadcast, internet, social media, or any other method of communication – on subjects of public interest, whether related to the Church, the archdiocese or the news in general.  This restriction does not apply to photography, videotaping or filming that conforms to the policy on facility use: 7.2.2 Use of Archdiocesan Facilities​​ and that is approved through the User Agreement for Film.​