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​​"Cloud" or Hosted Electronic Communications, Data Processing and Storage Services

All hosted or "cloud-based" services that provide line-of-business support  to the Archdiocese or Locations or that publish publicly-accessible information on the Internet (e.g., Google GApps services, Microsoft Office 365, hosting of web sites or E-Commerce sites) must be approved and under contract by the Archdiocese or Location. To avoid the potential loss of control of the Location's  electronic communications services, all services used must be in the name of the Archdiocese or Location, not in the name of any individual or volunteer group.

Domain Name Registration Policies

Domain name registrations must be in the name of the Archdiocese or the Location, not in the name of any individual or volunteer group. The registrant and administrative contacts for all domain names must use the Location's or Archdiocese's business street address and the pho​ne number and email address of a person in charge at the Location or Archdiocese to manage domain name registrations. The archdiocesan administrative offices offer Locations delegated domain management services for free!