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Guidelines for Forums and Blogs

Forums and blogs are attractive, easy ways to engage in discussions with people who share similar interests. However, charity and common sense do not always prevail; far too often people think that these are casual exchanges so they don’t exercise good judgment. Therefore, participation should be strictly controlled and postings should be closely monitored. Locations need to assign one or more persons who manage the postings on at least a daily basis or more frequently for active sites. 

Establish Rules and Terms

A Location website is private property, so freedom of speech and First Amendment rights do not apply. The use of the site is a privilege, not a right. As such, the Location is entitled to establish and maintain the rules of access and posting that conform to all acceptable use policies​ (see Acceptable Use and Responsibility Policy for Electronic Communications)​.

Participants and bloggers must agree to a Terms of ​Use for websites that sets forth the terms under which they are allowed to post on the site. No anonymous or guest posts should be permitted.

Follow an Approval Process

Establish an approval process before material gets posted. At all times, whoever is in control should also be able to access the site and edit or take down a posting.

Reflect Catholic Teaching 

Postings must conform to the teachings o​​f the Roman Catholic faith (see Catholic Identity and Religious Education​)​. What is posted on a location website is often understood by the viewer to be appropriate material and official Church teaching or approved by the pastor, bishop, cardinal, and even the pope.