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​​​Protecting the Privacy of Minors

Get Permission

Do not post personal contact information or pictures of minors without prior written permission from their parents/guardians​. This includes names, home addresses, email addresses, telephone numbers, lists and photos of award winners at school or athletic events, confirmation candidates, children engaged in school social service, etc.  When in doubt, do not post. The basic assumption is that minors’ privacy must be protected even if it may be inconvenient.​

For further information about students enrolled in schools (not religious education or youth ministry) see Directory Information​.

Exercise Discretion

Exercise discretion when posting items such as altar server schedules if the servers are minors. While it’s convenient to post such items on the parish website, take care to protect the servers’ privacy. Locations should consider using minors’ initials only on the website and in the parish bulletin, especially if the bulletin is posted on the parish website. Consider removing the schedule from public view and make the information available only to people with usernames and passwords.