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​​Human Subject Research

Individuals who wish to conduct non-credential related or graduate education degree program research in a school must submit a formal written request to the school and the Department of Catholi​c Schools​. Prospective researchers must supply clearance from the applicable bodies that approve research projects at the university or institution with which they are affiliated ("Institutional Review Board" or "IRB").

The written request must contain the following materials:

  • A cover letter that includes the researcher's name, university or institution affiliation, and university or institution address

  • An approval document from the researcher's Institutional Review Board or similar body

  • A statement of the purpose of the study

  • Description of the potential usefulness of the research to education or other use

  • Description of the population that is the direct subject of the study

  • Information concerning any known risks and benefits the research might have for participants

  • The impact, if any, of the study on those not directly involved in the study

  • The procedures for conducting the research project, including the nature and degree of the school's involvement

  • The projected time frame

  • Copies of tests, questionnaires, oral interview questions, and any other research materials ("Research Materials") to be used

  • A sample disclosure letter to be sent to parents/guardians, if applicable

  • The provisions and assurances to preserve privacy rights and confidentiality regarding data collecting procedures and data reporting

  • Compensation to the research subjects, if applicable

  • Subject's Bill of Rights

  • Informed Consent Forms, including a sample minor's assent to participate in research form, if applicable

  • Appropriate educational activities for students who may be part of a control group

  • A representation that all who will be in contact with minors shall meet all legal and archdiocesan requirements for fingerprinting​, background checks, and similar measures intended to safeguard children