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Student Removal by Law Enforcement

​​​​​A properly identified representative of a law enforcement agency or Child Protective Services​ has the right to enter a school to take a student into temporary or protective custody or to make a lawful arrest of a student. In the case of an arrest, the person in charge shall request to see the warrant for the student’s arrest or court order issued by the juvenile court. A warrant is not necessary if the officer has reason to believe that the student has violated the law and makes an oral statement to this effect. The person in charge and at least one other staff member should be present to hear and witness the officer’s oral statements.

The officer or representative may also remove a student from school with the permission of the student’s parents/guardians.  In the case of exigent circumstances, such as immediate threat of harm to the student or others, the student may be removed by law enforcement without the permission of the parents/guardians.

The Office of the Legal Counsel​ and the regional superintendent should be notified as soon as possible.