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17.2 General Definitions

​​​Civil law – Codes, laws, regulations or rules, whether civil or criminal, that are not canon law

Clergy – Priests and deacons, incardinated or extern

Cleric – A member of the clergy as defined in this Policy

Destruction – The permanent disposal of documents by a method that renders the documents illegible and not subject to reconstruction

Disposal – Throwing away or discarding documents that do not contain sensitive or confidential information

Documents – All written materials generated, distributed, or maintained by staff members in the performance of their job duties, in all media

Electronic Communications Systems – Email, voice mail, instant messaging, social media, and other communications platforms

Employees – All persons on the payroll of any archdiocesan location

Location – A particular archdiocesan operating unit or entity, or the parish or school where a staff member serves

Media – Paper, electronic mail, text message, social media, or electronic storage device (e.g., flash memory device, floppy disk, hard disk, CD-ROM, magnetic tape, microfilm, microfiche, "cloud," or any similar data storage medium currently in existence or created in the future) used to develop, maintain, or transmit archdiocesan documents

Person in charge – A department head, manager, or supervisor of an archdiocesan department, entity, or corporation; the pastor/parish administrator, parish life director, pastoral associate, or parish operational manager of a parish; the superintendents of elementary schools or high schools, an assistant superintendent in the Department of Catholic Schools, a principal, president, or head of school, as applicable

Records – Documents that require preservation and retention according to this Policy

Religious – Men and women who belong to any organized group that is regulated by the Code of Canon Law (Canons 573 to 746)

Retention period – The time period that records must be maintained to satisfy civil and canon law and operational requirements

Seminarians – Individuals enrolled in the archdiocesan seminary and any archdiocesan house of clerical discernment

Staff – Clergy, religious, seminarians, employees, contractors, and volunteers

Volunteers – Persons who perform services for the archdiocese for which they do not expect or receive compensation of any kind​