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​The archdiocese and the Department of Catholic Schools​ have developed standards to review and monitor the educational, financial, and demographic viability of individual elementary schools and high schools, and the standards creatively and realistically address circumstances that merit or require a school reorganization. Changes can involve mergers, consolidations, joint operations, expansions, additions or reductions of programs, moves to or from single-gender environments, modifications in education models, or school closures. The guidelines anticipate full participation by all those impacted by the process, address the teaching mission of the Church and the role of the pastor in parish schools, and include important parameters and planning steps for any substantive change.

Before any school or parish initiates a planning process, the school or parish must fully consult and involve the Department of Catholic Schools. The archdiocese may also initiate the process and will consult with the particular community to be impacted by the proposed changes. The archdiocese must approve any changes. See Standards for Substantive Change in Continuing Preschools, Elementary Schools, and High Schools.​