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​​Stewardship and Sustainability


A primary goal of the Department of Catholic Schools is to guide and direct that all archdiocesan and parish schools are fiscally responsible and solvent and that they operate efficiently with measurable results.

In addition to standard financial planning and budgeting, the Department of Catholic Schools requires all archdiocesan and parish high schools to submit an annual development and alumni relations strategic plan and to identify on an annual basis new sources of funding, such as grants, small/large business sponsorships, donors, gifts, etc.

The Department of Catholic Schools expects all schools to understand and manage school finances using budget development, ongoing oversight and projections, and tuition management and fund-raising.


The Department of Catholic Schools expects all schools to create marketing and public relations strategies that will increase student applications and enrollment by promoting Catholic school attributes, successes, achievements, and Christian service.  The Department makes marketing and public relations training available to schools as part of professional development activities.

6-28-21, 6-22-2022