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​​​​ Evaluative Council

Each school shall establish an Evaluative Council for the sole purpose of deliberating the non-renewal of employment agreements for full-time teachers during and beyond their third year of employment.

The Evaluative Council is composed of the following members:

  • The principal (non-voting member)

  • The vice principal

  • One administrator

  • One faculty member

The faculty member​ must have a minimum of three years of teaching experience at the school. If the employment agreement of any member of the Evaluative Council is subject to review or a conflict of interest exists, the principal will make an appropriate substitution for that member on the council. The names of the Evaluative Council members are to be sent to the Department of Catholic Schools​.


If a principal is considering not rehiring a full-time teacher in at least the third year of employment, the principal convenes a session of the Evaluative Council well before the notification deadline for employment renewal (May 15). The teacher in question is not present at this session nor does the teacher need to be notified that his or her status is under review at this time.

The principal explains in writing the reasons for not rehiring the teacher to the Evaluative Council. After thorough discussion, the Evaluative Council votes whether to rehire the teacher and presents its conclusion, in writing and signed by all members, to the principal. A decision not to rehire does not have to be unanimous.

If the Evaluative Council decides not to rehire the teacher, the principal must notify the teacher no later than May 15. If the Evaluative Council decides to rehire the teacher, then the teacher is offered an employment agreement for the coming year.​