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​​​​​​​​The bishops of the California Catho​​lic Conference have issued directives for catecheti​cal certification​​ for all catechists to promote effective catechesis and to standardize the quality of formation of catechists and teachers.

Both parish religious education​ programs and Catholic school curricula​ are required to follow these directives as implemented in the archdiocese. The Office of Religio​us Education​​ and the Department of Catho​lic Schools​ have specific program directives for the certification of their catechists and teachers. In the archdiocese, parish religious education catechists must meet certificate requirements​, all elementary school teachers must participate in catechist formation​, and high school religion teachers must meet specified academic and certification requirements.

Regardless of the catechetical setting or environment, "catechesis is the responsibility of the entire Christian community" (General Directory for Catechesis, 220). All members of the parish religious education program and​ the faculty of Catholic schools are an integral part of the process of religious education (see General Directory for Catechesis, 233).​