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​​​The Catholic school is unique because it is a religious community within an academic community. As a school it is a community of learners and teachers, administrators and parents/guardians, staff and resource people. At the same time, it is a faith community of young Christians and adults who come together to make Christ present among them in a special way. There is always a twofold purpose in a Catholic school: learning and believing. To be an exemplary Catholic school, there must be the proper blend of learning and believing (Distinctive Qualities of the Catholic School, p. 11).

In the Archdiocese​ of Los Angeles​,​ there are Catholic schools that serve students from preschool through high school. Each local school is unique in its charism, foundation, and culture. All schools promote knowledge of the faith, liturgical education, moral for​mation, teaching to pray, education for community life, and missionary initiation. All schools are committed to providing an academic education that integrates Catholic values across the curriculum.