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​​​"Community is at the heart of Christian Education not simply as a concept to be taught but as a reality to be lived" (To Teach as Jesus Did: A Pastoral Message on Catholic Education, 23).

Although the responsibility for spiritual and moral leadership rests with the principal and, where applicable, the president and/or head of school, these administrators must be able to rely on a unity of conviction and purpose in the entire faculty if a genuine community of faith is to be achieved. Religious activities at the elementary school level and campus ministry at the high school level are paramount in fostering this community climate in schools, in the gospel spirit of freedom and love.

Every elementary school designates a religion coordinator. Every high school designates a campus minister who oversees a campus ministry program. The elementary school religion coordinator, high school campus minister​, and high school campus ministry team, appointed and supported by the principal, help create, promote, and oversee multiple opportunities for prayer, liturgy, celebration of sacraments, retreats, peer ministry, and Christian service programs. The active involvement and cooperation of faculty and students support these endeavors.