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​​​​​5.6.5 Diocesan Priests and Women and Men Religious

​​​​Diocesan priests and religious are not considered employees for purposes of compensation, leave policies, and benefits. On the other hand, deacons holding employment positions are considered regular employees.  All religious order priests, brothers, and sisters ministering in the archdiocese receive compensation, stipends, and benefits according to a schedule updated annually and approved by the archdiocese. Compensation and benefits for diocesan priests​ are determined according to the Priest Personnel Po​licies and Guidelines. Compensation and benefits for religious women and men​ are governed by the Agreement for Religious, Policy and Compensation Schedule​ ​​(see also Reli​g​​ious Staff). For this reason, while these persons, for ase of reference, are sometimes referred to as "employees" and are subject to many employment-related policies, the particular policies about employee compensation, pay administration, leave of absence, and benefits do not apply to diocesan priests or religious women and men. ​

The current Religious Compensation​ schedules are available from the Office ​of the Vicar for Clergy and Office of the Vicar for Women Religious​.​