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​​6.1.5 Handling Cash, Checks, and Credit Cards

General principles and procedures:

  • Cash, check, and credit card handling duties must be separated (i.e., the person accepting payments must be different from the person entering those payments into the ledger; another person prepares deposits and yet another person must make the bank deposits).

  • The person in charge must supervise the bookkeepers and business managers and review their work regularly.

  • Immediately endorse all checks for bank deposit only.

  • Accurately record all cash, checks, and credit card payments daily.

  • Keep cash and checks in a locked, secure location pending deposit.

  • Issue a receipt to the payer and keep a duplicate on file (electronic or paper).

  • Do not make cash disbursements (payments) from cash received before the cash is recorded.

  • Deposit all cash and checks in the bank in a timely manner (at least weekly).

  • Do not pay bills with cash 

  • Do not use Zelle, Paypal or Venmo or similar payment methods

  • Do not cash paychecks.​

  • Do not cash or accept checks made payable to "Cash."

  • Do not pay cash back on a check or credit card transaction.

  • The person in charge must review regularly all bank statements and transactions for all accounts (ministries, ca​pital campaign, fiesta, parent association, scrip, bingo, extended care, preschool​, etc.).

  • A designated administrative staff member (e.g., bookkeeper or business manager) must reconcile bank statements every month.