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​6.4.1 Fiscal Year and Reporting Requirements

The archdiocese operates on a fiscal year basis beginning July 1 and ending June 30 of the following calendar year.

Locations are required to maintain their financial records on a cash basis in accordance with this fiscal year schedule. All transactions are to be recorded in the books in the fiscal year in which they occur.

All locations are required to submit their annual reports of financial results and their budgets for the prospective year to the Accounting Department of the Financial Services Group and to their respective program departments:

  • Parishes shall submit an annual report and their budgets to the Accounting Department.

  • Preschools shall submit final budgets and annual reports to the Department of Catholic Schools and the Accounting Department.

  • All elementary and high schools shall submit preliminary and final budgets and an annual report to the Department of Cathol​ic Schools and the Accounting Department.​