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​​​​​​​​​​7.2.12 Frequently Asked Questions​​​

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The ABC Math Group is holding tutoring classes for children in the parish hall. It holds classes one evening per week and on Saturdays throughout the school year. The parents/guardians pay the math group directly and the math group pays the parish 10% of the proceeds. Do I need a written agreement? Should the math group teachers complete VIRTUS® training and be fingerprinted, and if so, who is responsible for overseeing these requirements?​ 

Use the Outside User Agreement. The math group must perform background checks as well as fingerprint the teachers and this must be specified in the agreement. The agreement must also specify that the math group provide insurance and indemnity to the parish and that the teachers complete VIRTUS® training.

John Doe will conduct a six-week after-school enrichment music class at school for students of the school. The school will charge the students and pay John a fee. There is no charge for John's use of the classroom. Do I need a written agreement? Do I require John to be fingerprinted and to complete VIRTUS® training? 

Since the school is paying John, the school and John should enter into a written Professional Services/Consultant Agreement​ setting out the rights and responsibilities of each party. John must be fingerprinted, provided with VIRTUS® training, and listed with VP​IN before classes start.

AARP is holding a community meeting in a classroom on a Wednesday night from 7:00 to 8:30 pm. No children will be at school. The location is not charging a fee for the use of the classroom. Do I need a written agreement? Do I need to perform background checks?

An Outside User Agreement​ should be used, whether or not the location charges a fee. Background checks, fingerprinting, or VIRTUS® training are not needed because there would be no contact with minors.

The Girl Scouts are holding their troop meetings in the parish hall. There is no charge to the Girl Scouts for use of the hall. The scout leader is a parishioner and the Girl Scouts are both parishioners and non-parishioners. Do I need a written agreement? Do I need to perform a background check and fingerprint the scout leader? What about VIRTUS® training? 

An Outside User Agreement would be appropriate for a troop that is not chartered by the parish. The location may use an Internal User Agreement​ for chartered troops. The Girl Scouts would be responsible for background checks and fingerprinting​ as the Outside User Agreement specifies. The scout leaders should attend VIRTUS® training since they are supervising children from the archdiocesan parish or school.​

ABC School wants to lease five of our classrooms and two offices for two years. What kind of document do I need? 

ABC School's proposal should be submitted to the Real Estate Department​ in advance of any use. The proposal will need to be approved, negotiated, and incorporated into a lease by the Real Estate Department. It must be signed by the appropriate person at the archdiocese.

XYZ Film Company has proposed to film a short story in the parish courtyard. Filming will only occur on one Saturday. XYZ Film Company says it is a nice story and involves a priest. Father Joe has been told that he may have a cameo appearance. The company gave me a written agreement to sign. Can I sign it? 

NO! First ask to read the entire script and make sure the story conforms to Catholic teachings and morals and depicts the facility appropriately. If it conforms, permission must be obtained from the Real Estate Department, which will be forwarded to the filming approval team at the archdiocese. The arch​diocesan User Ag​reement for Film​ is the appropriate document.

The school wants to use its kitchen to provide hot meals to the students. We plan on opening this project to the school's parents/guardians so they can work on their volunteer hours. Is this OK?

NO! A Retail Permit issued by the county's department of public health is required before you can serve food to students. The kitchen must meet certain minimum standards, which you can find in the Summary Checklist of Essential Kitchen Elements for School Food Service by Outside Vendor and/or School Staff. Contact the Construction ​Department or Off​ice of the Legal Counsel​ before you proceed with any food service project.

The parish pays for ESPN and wants to broadcast a televised event for the enjoyment of the parish community. No admission will be charged, but the parish plans on selling food and beverages and hopes to raise funds for the school as a result. Is this allowed?

NO! The parish must obtain and pay for a license from ESPN to rebroadcast the event, since the parish​ plans to profit from the broadcast by selling food. Failure to obtain the required license will result in significant fines against the parish. The parish may also be required to turn over any and all profits realized to ESPN.​​

The Red Cross or a local hospital has asked to conduct a blood drive at the parish.  Do I need a written agreement?

​YES!  Use the Outside User Agreement for Blood Drive/Flu Shot Clinic/Health Services/Wellness Programs.

The Director of Religious Education (DRE) wants to use three classrooms in the school and two conference rooms in the pastoral center four evenings a week for classes, workshops and on-site retreats.  Can the principal or parish business manager refuse permission?

NO! The entire parish community is responsible for fully supporting parish faith formation programs and that includes accommodating the DRE's request to use school and parish space. The principal, parish business manager, and DRE should discuss needs and availability; if necessary, the pastor should be involved in their negotiations about the use of space. Of course, participants in faith formation programs are expected to be considerate of the regular users of the spaces, such as school teachers, students, and parish staff, and respect the physical and decorative arrangements made.

​7-2-21​​, 4-8-2022