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​​​​​​7.3.4 Reserve Analysis and Routine Maintenance​​

Reserve Analysis

Each church and school has received a Partner Engineering and Science Inc. Property Condition report ("reserve analysis"). The reserve analysis evaluates the conditi​on of the church and school property to maintain the property.  The reserve analysis describes the primary systems and components of the property, identifies conspicuous defects, or material deferred maintenance, and provides an estimate of costs to remedy the observed conditions. It also identifies systems or components that are anticipated to reach the end of their expected useful life up to 2029 and includes projections of the costs for future capital replacements.  Parishes and schools should budget for their property maintenance needs in accordance with the reserve analysis.

Cemeteries and mortuaries and regional offices not located on parish property should prepare their own reserve analysis by using the Maintenance/Facilities Self Assessment​ checklist.

For electronic and security infrastructure matters the C3 Resource Specialists​ should be consulted for guidance.

​Routine Maintenance

All locations must perform routine maintenance on all structures, systems, and equipment.  Locations must use the Mainten​ance/Facilities Self Assessment​ checklist to guide the process of routine maintenance at the location.  Locations without a reserve analysis should estimate the remaining life span of structures, systems and equipment and plan for eventual repair/replacement costs.​ ​ Check warranties and manufacturers specifications and recommended maintenance instructions.

​​The expense of routine maintenance should be budgeted and assumed by the location. 

5-12-21 and 5-14-21