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​​Minor Projects

A minor project at a location is any construction, repair or renovation project that will cost $30,000 or less. The Archdiocese of Los Angeles contract for small con​s​truction projects should be used for all small projects.​ 

Pastors are authorized to proceed under their own authority in obtaining and signing construction contracts for both parishes and schools that are $30,000 or less. However, it is recommended that pastors consult with and have the professional assistance of the Construction Department even for small projects. 

Any project or improvement involving asbestos or mold remediation, lead-based paint, structural change to existing buildings, conditional use permits, and modifications to conditional use permits, even if it is $30,000 or less, must be reviewed and approved by the Construction Department archdiocesan  before proceeding with any work.

Please refer to the construction Project Checklist for general guidelines to be followed for small projects. In addition, please refer to Helpful Tips fo​r S​mall Construction Projects ($30,000 or less) for valuable information and guidance through the process.​​​​