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Tuition is paid annually on an 11-month payment plan beginning in the month of August and ending in May/June. Tuition is paid through FACTS (a tuition-management company based in New Jersey). Tuition is paid through automatic withdrawal from either a checking or savings account. 

  • Tuition may be paid in full or financed through FACTS on an 11-month payment plan with the first payment due on August 5th or 20th, 2022, and the last payment due on May 5th, 2023. (Note: Payments on the 20th of the month will continue throughout the year on that date except for June, which will be withdrawn by FACTS on June 5th, 2023).

Please Note: FACTS charges a one-time set-up fee of $45.00 each school year. Parents will be notified in advance of the payment due date.  

All financial obligations to Maria Regina School must be completed by May 30th, 2022. Any family still in delinquency may not register for the new school year until all financial obligations have been met. Once the account has been brought to current, the child(ren) may be placed on a waiting list.  Seats may not be held for returning families still in delinquency.  

Anyone wishing to close their FACTS account must notify the office in advance. An additional fee of $45.00 will be added to any account closed before notifying the school office. 

  • Family that qualifies can only be granted one form of assistance.

All financial obligations are due and payable on/or before May 30th, 2023. A $40.00 late fee will be charged to each outstanding financial obligation and that will be applied to ALL categories. 

If there is a balance owing on your account at the end of the sc​hool year, your child or children will not be allowed to return to school in the fall and any monies owed will be reported to the credit bureau. 


Tuition payments are due each month. A late fee of $40.00 will be charged for any payment received after the due date, including non-tuition related fees (fundraising, etc.). An additional late fee of $40.00 will also be charged (along with any late fees charged by FACTS) for each late payment attempted by FACTS as a result of insufficient funds. A processing fee of $45.00 will be charged if your FACTS account is closed without notifying the school office in advance.


Families are expected to meet their financial obligations on time as outlined in the MRS Parent/Student Policies Agreement. Please note the following:

  1. If tuition is more than one month in arrears, the school reserves the right to suspend the student from school and/or withhold the student’s privileges to attend any school function.
  2. If tuition is two months in arrears, the student may be asked to withdraw from the school and the delinquent account is referred to an agency for collection.
  3. All late fees are added to the tuition balance and other financial obligations.
  4. Students will not be permitted to take their final exams unless all balances are current. Report Cards will not be given to any students with outstanding tuition balances, Fundraising Fees, Services Hours, etc. Students will not be allowed to participate in midterm/final exams, graduation, graduation pictures, field trips, awards ceremony, etc., unless tuition payments, fundraising, service hours and all fees are met.
  5. A student will not be allowed to return to school in the fall if there is an outstanding balance of any amount from the previous year(s).

If a family account becomes delinquent, the following procedures will apply:

  1. Any family more than one month delinquent will receive a reminder within five days of becoming delinquent.
  2. Any family more than two months delinquent will be sent a letter indicating that they are delinquent and that they should schedule a meeting with the school principal within one week in order to discuss plans for becoming current.
  3. Any family who is two months delinquent and has not made arrangements with the principal will be asked to remove their children from school.  
The school will not issue progress reports or trimester report cards to any family who has not met their financial obligations.


Any check returned to MRS due to Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) will NOT be re-deposited and the account will be charged a $40.00 NSF check fee. Any check returned due to NSF through FACTS Management will be charged a $40.00 NSF check fee for each occurrence (by FACTS) AND an additional $40.00 bank fee by Maria Regina School. An additional late fee of $40.00 will also be added to the account (if applicable) and a check restriction placed on the account for the balance of the school year.


Refund requests for circumstances that w​arrant approval by the principal will be processed and completed within ten (10) business days after final approval.

Please note: Students who pay a fee to participate in or attend an extra-curricular school activity and, for any reason, is unable to attend due to personal, health, academic or disciplinary reasons, will NOT​ be entitled to a refund.