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Lunch Rules

Lunches brought by the scholar should include protein, fruit, and other nutritious items.  Candy and items containing a lot of sugar are not allowed Fast food lunches are NOT permitted. Subway is the only exception to this rule. Sodas and soft drinks are not permitted in lunches from home. Scholars must bring their lunches to school.  In the rare instance when a scholar forgets to bring a lunch, you may bring one to the office before 9:00 A.M.  The scholar is expected to know that you are bringing a lunch, and will need to come to the office to pick it up.  The office will not page your scholar. Otherwise, the scholar will be given hot lunch and a $3.00 fee will be assessed to the parent.​

Snack and Lunch Program

Scholars who wish to eat a snack or hot lunch must order monthly, not daily.   No refunds are made for absences, instead, credit will be given.  Lunch notes and menus are sent home in the Wednesday envelope with the price of lunch for the next month.  Scholars are asked to bring the money in an envelope marked with their name, grade, and date.  If a check is used, the amount must be for a snack or lunch ONLY. The due dates are to be observed each month.  Late snack or lunch payments will not be accepted.

Some scholars qualify for free or reduced lunches from the Federal Government.  Applications with qualifications are sent home with each scholar at the beginning of the school year.  If your scholar qualifies for this program you are encouraged to complete the form and return it to school.  These forms are for the snack and lunch program.  They are strictly confidential.  No information from these forms is given out.