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Scholars may be placed on academic probation if they receive an "F" in any academic subject or disciplinary probation if they have a "D" or lower in conduct or work habits.  If the D or F is not raised to a "C" during the next grading period, the student may be retained, or may be asked to leave the school.



The notification for potential retention is given to parents during the second trimester, with a final retention agreement signed in May.  Retention decisions are final and cannot be appealed.  Parents who are unable to comply with the retention agreement are allowed to transfer to another school. The decision to retain a student involves a collaborative effort on the part of the teacher, the parents, and the principal/director to provide for the overall welfare of the student.  The decision-making process includes carefully weighing academic, emotional, and social factors in extensive consultation with all of the involved parties.  The final decision to retain a student is the responsibility of the principal/director.


If, due to moving or any other reason, your scholar is being transferred to another school, you may obtain a transfer from the school office to present at the new school.  The school will then request a transcript of records from our office.​