Parent-Teacher Conference

Formal parent-teacher conferences are held annually at the end of the first trimester. Parent- teacher conferences aim to promote parental support for the school, increase mutual understanding between teacher and parents, and reduce obstacles to effective communication within the school and parish community. This first trimester conference is required for all parents regardless of their child's grades. Parent's will be notified of the available dates in advance and must sign up for an appointment with the teacher.

A parent-teacher conference is also required if a student receives a progress report and/or a grade(s) on the trimester report card of "C-" or below.

If individual conferences are desired at any other time, please contact your child's teacher. Please call the office and indicate a time preference. The office will give the request to the teacher who will follow up with a time. Please avoid dropping in prior to the start of the school day beginning as teachers are finalizing preparations for the school day. The principal is always available for consultation, but only after the parent has discussed the matter with the teacher.​



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