Charitable Communication
All members of the St. James -Holy Redeemer School family (students, teachers, staff, parents and volunteers) should strive to be charitable and honest in all that they say to one another. At all times gossip, slander and detraction (i.e., sharing information about someone that is true but damaging to their reputation) should be avoided.
A Christian community such as St. James-Holy Redeemer School relies upon open communication between all members of the school family. If a parent has a question for, concern about, or complaint against an individual, he or she should go directly to the person involved and attempt to resolve the matter with honesty and charity.
Telephone/ Cell Phone Usage
Children and teachers will be called to the telephone during school hours only in an emergency. Students may use the telephone only when a serious need exists. An emergency does not include forgotten lunches or homework. St. James - Holy Redeemer School recommends that students not bring cell phones to school. Students will not be allowed to answer their cell phone or make calls on them during the school day. All communication with students should go through the school office. However, at the parent’s discretion, students may carry cell phones in their backpacks for emergency purposes only. The cell phones must be kept turned “off” and may not be used during the school day. Students who are found using a cell phone during the day will have the phone confiscated and will be subject to disciplinary action. A confiscated cell phone may be picked up after meeting with the principal.
St. James - Holy Redeemer School is not responsible for damage to or loss of cell phones brought to school by students.

Communicating Messages to Students or Delivering Forgotten Items

All messages for students or forgotten items are to be brought to the office by the parents/guardian. Parents/Guardians May Not enter the classroom or interrupt a teacher while class is in session.​



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