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Talpa's Student Learning Expectations (SLEs)​

Student Learning Expectations (SLEs) are skills, values, and competencies Our Lady of Talpa School students will have mastered by the time they graduate.

True Self-Disciplined Individual

  • Strives to balance social, emotional, and physical well-being

  • Demonstrates responsibility to the rules of school and society

Active Vincentian Catholic

  • Uses Jesus and our Vincentian Founders as a model to serve and respect others.

  • Has strong foundation/ knowledge of catholic beliefs 

Lifelong learner

  • Uses critical thinking skills to accomplish tasks and solve problems

  • Values personal achievements and exceeds expectations

Productive Citizen

  • Serves their community with their time, talent, and treasure

  • Appreciates and accepts diversity with compassion

Aspiring leader

  • Communicates and initiates solutions for the benefit of others

  • Cooperates and innovates in challenging settings



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