Our personal appearance is the first message we give to others about ourselves. How we feel about ourselves and what we want others to think about us is communicated by our appearance. It is expected that the students be neatly groomed and in full uniform at all times during the school day, and properly attired at school sponsored activities. Students are required to be in proper school uniform at all school Masses.

Our school uniform should be worn with pride and respect. It is a requirement, not an option. If a pupil frequently disregards the school standards of dress, grooming, or hygiene, then the cooperation of the parents will be sought to correct the problem. Inability or unwillingness to respect and follow the school uniform policy may result in a child being sent home and be grounds for suspension and/or dismissal.

Parents are responsible for their child’s compliance with the uniform and dress code policies. School uniforms may be purchased from: 

SchoolWare Uniforms, Inc.

5161 Pomona Blvd Suite 106

East Los Angeles, CA 90022

(323) 503-5603

FSC Uniforms

6435 Clara St

Bell Gardens, CA 90201

(562) 806-8440

Any child not in compliance with the dress code will be sent to the office to call his/her parents and may be dismissed to go home and change. Only uniform sweaters, sweatshirts, or jackets with the Our Lady of Talpa logo may be worn on campus. Non-school uniform jackets, sweaters, or sweatshirts will be confiscated and returned to the parent. Gloves, mittens, scarves, and hats may not be worn in the classroom.

Students may not bring radios, iPods, electronic games, cameras, toys, gadgets, or any other electronic devices to school at any time. These will be confiscated and a parent will need to pick them up from the office. If these items are to be permitted at any time, students and parents will be notified. Students may not sell items at school.

Girls Uniform Grades TK-8:


  • Girls may not roll up their skirts, shorts, or the cuff to the shorts, or shirts.

  • Skirts must reach ½ inch below the knee.

  • Pants are to be regular fit and straight legged.

  • Girls must have blouses/polo shirts tucked in at all times.

  • Any garment that has loops must be worn with a belt.TK – 4 wear jumpers: 5 – 8 wear skirts of an appropriate length (no higher than 2”). A grey or white polo with the school logo is worn tucked inside the skirt. Socks are white, grey or navy blue, knee high, crew or ankle length. Tights may be worn in cold weather. Tennis shoes

  • Mostly BLACK TENNIS SHOES OR leather lace-up shoes (Oxfords), Mary Jane style, T-strap style in black are to be worn with the school uniform only. Tennis shoes specific for running and exercise are required for P.E.  

  • Shorts (non-uniform) may be worn under the jumper or skirt. 

  • Uniform navy-blue twill pants, shorts, and walking shorts are optional.

In Warm Weather

Girls may wear uniform navy-blue walking shorts instead of their skirt/jumper/shorts.

In Cold Weather

  • Girls may wear the uniform navy-blue pants, the uniform navy blue sweater (cardigan).

  • Girls may also wear the P.E. uniform navy blue sweatshirt (with Talpa logo)

 over their blouses –they may not, however, wear sweatpants except on their 

P. E. day.

  • Girls may also wear white or navy-blue turtlenecks or thermals under their blouses

in cold weather.

  • In the classroom, they may not wear other sweaters, sweatshirts, shirts or jackets over their uniform.

  • Girls may wear knee-highs, white or blue tights in winter months.

Boys Uniform Grades TK-8: 

​Pants are to be regular fit. Shirts are tucked in at all times (sleeves are not rolled up).

  • SHOES: Mostly BLACK TENNIS SHOES OR all black leather shoes may be worn with their uniforms.  Tennis shoes specific for running and exercise are required for P.E.  


NO BOOTS. Shoes need to be properly laced with only black or Velcro laces.

SOCKS: Crew Socks or anklets.

BELTS: 3rd – 8th Grade may wear only black or navy blue.

In Cold Weather

  • Boys may wear the uniform navy-blue sweater (cardigan).

  • Boys may also wear their P.E. sweatshirt (with Talpa logo) over their uniform shirts in cold weather.

  • Boys may also wear white or navy-blue turtlenecks or thermals under their uniform shirts in cold weather.

  • In the classroom, they may not wear other sweaters, sweatshirts, shirts or jackets over their school uniform.

Physical Education Uniform:

These uniforms may be worn on P.E. days only, unless other days are specified by the office. No other type of blue shorts will be allowed. On P.E. days, no jewelry of any kind is allowed (including stud earrings).

In warm weather, this would consist of the tee-shirt and shorts with Talpa logo.

 ​ In cold weather, this would consist of the tee-shirt (with Talpa logo), navy blue sweatpants (not warm-up suits), the sweatshirt (with Talpa logo), and tennis shoes.


Stuents may not wear jewelry (e.g. chains, bracelets, dangling earrings, chokers, buttons, and pins), MAKE-UP OF ANY KIND, colored nail polish, or flavored lip gloss or chap sticks to school. Wrist watches, and one SMALL-POST pair of earrings are acceptable (no more than one earring in each ear). Girls may wear one ring – not one on each finger. BOYS MAY NOT WEAR EARRINGS.


Hair should be kept neat and well groomed. Hair may not cover student’s eyes or face. Girls may wear uniform colored headbands. Extreme hair styles (no spiked, lines, or other fads) are not allowed. This includes the shaving of the hair on any part of the head. No #0, #1, or #2 haircuts are permitted at school; this includes changing the color of one’s hair in any manner and excessive use of hair spray or gel or mousse.  Boys’ hair should not reach the top of their shirt collar.  

The length of girls’ / boys’ bangs should not be below the eyebrows which can obscure vision. The scalp should not be showing at any time.

  • No make-up, false fingernails, or nail polish may be worn by the students.

  • No colored contact lenses may be worn.

  • Pierced earrings may be worn by girls only. These must be small post earrings – only one earring in each ear lobe.  Other forms of body piercing are not allowed.  For safety reason, no hoop or dangling earrings larger than a nickel are allowed.

  • No rings, necklaces or bracelets may be worn. Jewelry will be confiscated and may not be returned. Students may wear a wristwatch and/or a chain with a cross or religious medal.

  • Rosaries may not be worn around the neck as an accessory.

  • Bleached, dyed, or hair that looks bleached or dyed, as well as shaved hair or extreme fad hair styles will not be permitted. The principal and teacher will decide which hair styles are considered extreme.

  • Boys’ hair may not extend below the shirt collar or be so short that their scalp is showing. Sideburns are not allowed and bangs must be trimmed above the eyebrows. Hair must also be trimmed clear of the ears.

  • Older boys must come to school clean shaven, or they may have to shave at school.

  • Students are never permitted to wear clothing with any obscene, racial, rock group, drug, alcoholic, or gang related words, or other inappropriate symbols.

  • Students may not wear tank tops, midriffs, low cut blouses or shirts or any clothing that exposes their shoulders.

NOTE: On “free dress days,” students still follow the dress code.  They must wear clothing that is appropriate for school (i.e., no torn, ill-fitting, immodest, or unclean clothes will be allowed.


Appropriate dress may be worn on non-uniforms days. Clothes must conform to the rules of modesty, good taste, and appropriateness. Baggy pants are not permitted. T-shirts may not have inappropriate writing or print. Girls may wear leggings as long as the top is no shorter than 2” above the knee. Girls are not to wear low-cut blouses or shirts, and skirts, shorts, slacks or jeans must not be too short or too tight. Absolutely no gang attire or anything that may come across as gang attire is permitted. Torn or ripped jeans are not permitted. 

Students dressing inappropriately will be instructed to call parents to bring the student his/her school uniform to wear and the student will lose the privilege of the next non-uniform or free dress day.



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