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Mission Statement

St. Philip the Apostle School is a Catholic parish community dedicated to teaching, inspiring and nurturing children. 


The St. Philip the Apostle School community provides a child-centered learning environment in which the spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and physical needs of each child are met.

As an essential component of the te​aching ministry of St. Philip the Apostle parish, the school provides an exceptional education by integrating Catholic values with high academic standards and service to others.

The school community embraces diversity, and inspires each student to adopt his or her unique role as a child of God.​


A St. Philip the Apostle School Student . . .

Is Respectful toward all others, 

the school environment,

And all living things . . .

Is Honest . . .

Displays Christian attitudes of kindness and helpfulness

And Always keeps Christ as a role model for life.

PeaceBuilder’s Pledge

I am a peacebuilder, I pledge,

to praise people,

to give up put-downs,

to seek wise people as advisors and friends,

to notice the hurts I have caused and make amends,

to right wrongs

to help others.

I will build peace at home, at school, 

and in my community each day.



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