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No agency, organization, or person other than a parent or guardian who has custody or a delegated school employee is allowed to take a student from the school premises during school hours or immediately before or after school.

Exceptions to this rule may be made only:

  • By the parent or guardian, when properly identified  
  • Upon the written request of the parent or guardian after proper verification  
  • By properly identified law enforcement officers when an arrest is made  
  • By properly identified representatives of law enforcement agencies, in case of emergency, as determined by the principal  

Legally, the responsibility of notifying the parent or guardian of a student taken from the school by a law enforcement officer or representative of a law enforcement agency rests with the law enforcement officer. However, the principal of the school should also immediately inform the student’s parent or guardian except when a minor has been taken into custody as a victim of suspected child abuse, as defined in Section 11165 of the Penal Code or pursuant to Section 305 of the Welfare and Institutions Code.

​For more information on the archdiocesan policies on law enforcement related to students see below.



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